Company portfolio
quatraCare Health Care Academy non profit PLC

The quatraCare Health Acadamy was founded in 2015 and is a subsidiary of the SBB endowment. Since 1982 SBB has been working successfully to enable disadvantaged people the (re) entry into the labor market and in social participation through suitable offers. The promotion of employability and career planning has also been brought on focus by offering custom made and goal-oriented courses to employees and companies.

The quatraCare Health Academy is an educational service with a state-approved vocational school branch. The versatile range consists of retraining, training, partial qualifications and specialist training for activities in the health sector.

The quatraCare Health Academy is represented as an approved and reliable partner for job seekers, job centers and employment agencies as well as for nursing facilities (inpatient and outpatient), the emergency services and hospitals at several locations in Hamburg. As a family-friendly education provider the company supports the participants in reconciling family, work and qualification and provides targeted part-time courses.

The educational action in the consulting, training and educational work with the participants is based on a humanistic view, a value-oriented corporate culture and the current labor market situation. Implemented into the methodology of courses and seminars, this means an offer for (occupational) action orientation, motivating and promoting teaching, activation and promotion of self-responsibility and assistance with career planning and employability.

The portfolio includes a wide range of courses:

  • Professional entry into the health care industry (job seekers)
  • Deepening of expertise (professionals in nursing homes, hospitals and emergency services)
  • Health promotion and implementation of occupational health management (workers and businesses)
  • Exam preparation (partial and post-qualifications)
  • Administration and Management in health professions


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