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quatraCare Health Care Academy non profit PLC


quatraCare Health Academy is one of the biggest occupational re-training and qualification providers in Hamburg and its greater metropolitan area. At each of three locations in northern Germany, you’ll meet highly competent employees all working in pursuit of a common goal:

Through needs-oriented educational opportunities, they want to help their clients improve their career prospects over the long term – whether they’re just starting out in their profession or seeking a higher position.

Demographic shifts present major challenges for the job market and also create enormous demand for specialised, highly experienced healthcare professionals.

This is where the quatraCare Health Academy can help: As a charitable education provider associated with several vocational schools, quatraCare offers basic vocational training and professional development at a very high level – for professionals working in all areas of the healthcare industry.

As a family-friendly educator, we can support you in balancing your private life, career and qualification programme.

The following fields in the healthcare centre are open to potential participants seeking occupational re-training and post-qualification:

• Geriatric care

• Nursing

• Doctors’ practices and clinics

• Emergency medical and rescue services

• Health promotion

• Administration and management

If you choose to participate, you will benefit from more than 25 courses offered through our certified professional development and training service. This allows you to keep up with the times and secure a professional future that works for you. We work closely with in-patient and out-patient nursing facilities, hospitals, emergency services and doctors’ practices.

This network enables us to provide the optimal conditions for you to obtain your qualification.

As a result of our years of cooperation with job-placement agencies, state Job Centres and a number of funding bodies, we have already acquired all the authentications and accreditations necessary for occupational qualification.

We look forward to hearing from you and invite you to come get to know our innovative and experienced company.

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• Flexibility and family-friendliness

• Full- and part-time qualification

• Practical combinations can also include supplementary German language study or driving lessons

• State-of-the-art technical equipment

• A career foothold for immigrants and those with few qualifications:
Skills analysis and preparation for skills tests

What we offer

Professional development

A range of professional development courses for the healthcare industry designed for professionals, those returning to their careers after a break, people who have emigrated to Germany and job applicants with no vocational training

Advanced professional training

Build on your specialist expertise in a targeted way: e.g. with practical-training instructors for specialist areas in healthcare, qualification programmes for supplementary care workers, hygiene officers for hospitals and nursing facilities

Extra-occupational options

Connecting sound practical expertise to new information through evening or weekend courses and block seminars


Later attainment of state-recognised degrees for individuals with prior professional experience in the healthcare sector

Professional reorientation and training

Coaching and initiation programmes for advanced qualification or those re-entering the workforce

With re-training in these professions

Healthcare and nursing assistants (can include optional language training up to B2 level) Physicians’ assistants

Seminars for companies

Individualised assessment of your staff’s need for qualification with funding advice and in-house training options.

Administration and management

Our professional advancement training programme ‘Specialist in healthcare and social services’ prepares students for tests required by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and enables them to launch their careers in the management and administration of healthcare and social services.